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Vaccinations - Spay & Neuter - Dental - and more!


Our Canine and Feline Packages are a detailed and convenient way to provide your pet with great medical care at an affordable rate. Each of our adult pet packages include all annual vaccines, a fiberoptic ear exam, and a fecal exam. The packages range from "minimal" to "comprehensive." Our advanced packages include tick blood testing, feline leukemia testing, internal parasite testing, bloodwork, urinalysis, a cardiac and abdominal ultrasound.


Ask our Client Relations Specialists about our Canine, Feline, and Tiny Paws & Claws Packages!


If you choose to have your pet spayed or neutered here at EVDH, rest assured that their procedure will be done with exemplary care and with the highest of standards. 

At Eagle Pass Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital, your pet's blood work is evaluated in-house. Pre-surgical blood work is necessary as it is a measure to rule out any potential for problems while your pet in under anesthesia. Each animal who undergoes this surgery is intubated (an airway tube is placed). This is done to ensure proper oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged as your pet breathes. In addition, an IV catheter will be placed so fluids and medications can be administered.


Our technicians, along with monitoring equipment, will stay monitoring your pet's vitals from start to finish.

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